Our Firm

Slink & Keating Solicitors is the elite specialist criminal law firm in Dandenong.

We specialise in all areas of criminal law providing legal advice and representation in both indictable and summary matters throughout Victoria. As a private specialist firm, we do both private and legal aid funded cases. If you wish to apply for legal aid you can speak to our expert Karen Sheridan, however we do note that conditions do apply. For our private funded cases we accept cash, card or cheque.

At Slink & Keating Solicitors we pride ourselves on our friendly personalised legal service of the highest quality. We believe the success of Slink & Keating Solicitors has been due to our professional advice and clear communication with our clients. You are guaranteed to be dealing directly with the practitioner responsible for handling your matter(s).

We aim to provide our clients with comprehensive and expert legal advice at a sensible cost to the individual.

Our solicitors have substantial experience in court appearances and have a great rapport with experienced barristers throughout Victoria.

Slink & Keating Solicitors has earned a solid reputation for our honest and straight forward approach in criminal law.

Slink and Keating